Japanese ver.(日本語バージョン)




  1. 完全に世界向けに動画を作ってますね笑

  2. Here we go でsyamuを思い出してしまった…

  3. So cute!!

  4. 可愛いなぁ


  5. Do a JoJo pose! Preferably a Joseph Joestar’s pose, where he has his arms behind his head and kind of crossing

  6. I definitely think a cheeky pose would fit well. When I say cheeky I mean in a more devious way. That’s my impression of you at least.
    If only I knew enough japanese to have the ability to say all that without the use of english! I’m getting there though! Siro, you are one of my motivations to push me forward into your wonderful language. I’m glad to see how much you’ve grown since last year when I found you on NicNico.

  7. Neko pose. Cause I love me a cat girl

  8. In my opinion, what makes Siro charming is that she has cute looks but sometimes crazy scary personality, not to mention wtf sense of humor. I think the pose should be cool and badass instead of cute. The contrast with the outfit would be interesting too (though I actually prefer the old casual outfit). I think a fighting stance or some chuuni pose would be awesome.

  9. A cute palmtop Siro! So cute!

  10. Omg wow wow wow

  11. I want see the dolpin pose

  12. The swan reminds me of the old intro clip. You should do that.

  13. Cat pose FTW.

    Also, Super adorable Siro continues to be super adorable. 😀

  14. 学校サボってシロちゃんの動画を見る喜びを皆に分けてあげたい…!

  15. 日本語版より選択肢のポーズがかわいくなってる!

  16. Why not you punching a Sirogumi?

  17. Kawaiiii :3

  18. 英語すごすぎです( °-° )

  19. congratulations for the best model of u Ice Princess Siro I’m proud of u girl give yourself pat on the back in still supporting u for your success.

  20. cat pose
    since it’s cute

  21. シロちゃんの動画は為になるなぁ!

  22. Congrats Siro! You deserve it!

  23. オリジナルにはなかったポーズが入っとるやん!

  24. シロちゃんにリアルという名の筋肉痛が攻めてくる・・・


  26. I like the Swan because Siro is really cute doing that pose!

  27. Pose : Meow Meow
    Super cute!