This new virtual youtuber phenomenon is something to behold. Seems like entertainment is about to change rapidly in this coming year.

Here’s all the Virtual Youtubers I featured
Kizuna Ai –
Kaguya Luna Official –
けもみみVRちゃんねる –
電脳少女YouTuber シロ Siro –
YUA/藤崎由愛 –

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  1. I don’t mind all these Anime Girls taking over ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  2. I shall live.. Far to the reality when
    *W A I F U S B E C O M E R E A L*
    And we can touch them 🙂

  3. Ummmm….. High school dxd

  4. Youtube is becoming more and more overpopulated by Hentai everyday

  5. this is going too far…

  6. There are more? O well i must say im quite excited

  7. So here’s an idea you may have already formulated yourself, Noble. Undoubtedly, more and more people and fans will appreciate these “Virtual YouTubers” as they are extremely marketable. Likewise, you’re in a good position to follow suit as well. I know for fact that your Lily Animation video was extremely popular and very well taken by your viewers. Assuming you could convince the rest of the group involved in the animation to return for periodic Lily videos. You could promote your own channel much much easier through that outlet. People love animation, especially if it’s cute. It sells. Do more Lily videos and you’ll see your subscribers explode too. Just a thought.

  8. “Has the same headpiece that is Iconic but instead its bunny ears”
    You mean like you and your Top Nep Hat?

  9. Virtual Waifu Wars, STARTING IN 2018!!!

  10. I’m still waiting on that sadistic virtual youtuber.

    What just me? :v

  11. 1987: We going to have flying cars in the future.
    2017/18: Virtuel YouTubers doing sellouts, clickbaiting, etc.

  12. Come on noble you could beat Kizuna AI im counting on you

  13. Jesus
    The people subscribing to these virtual YouTubers quicker then Noble losing a try not to laugh challenge.

  14. The end of the world is coming

  15. Anyone know Mirai Akari?
    No one?

  16. So when are we getting a youtuber virtual husbando?

  17. This is like the same trend as the animation community.

  18. Now we just need a virtual earth chan

  19. Ahhh, Noble is such a quality content creator.

  20. What do you call it when a monster girl kills herself… Suu icide

  21. I’m Japanese!!!!
    Do you know Mirai Akari?
    She is virtual youtuber too.

  22. We are gonna miss you. It’s only time before they replace you.

  23. waaay better than team 10, pranksters, and kid channels taking over YouTube

  24. Call up the Korean animation sweatshops, there’s money to be made here.

  25. 2018 is gonna be something

  26. Nekopara OVA is out!!

  27. If Monika gets a youtube channel.. it would grow pretty big I think